A splotch of color is good in web design.

Rachel Cherie Designs provides professional web page designing to best enhance our customer's ideas, products, services, and public image. Whether building your site entirely or redesigning it using a pre-existing site, the finished website is the product of combined efforts and ideas - something for you to be proud of. We want to attain the best possible combination of visual interest and effective product or service description in a clear, organized, attractive, user-friendly design.

Our goal is your satisfaction!

In short, these are our goals for your site:

  • Make it creatively attractive
  • Keep it smooth and simple
  • Make it easy to load and navigate
  • Keep it affordable and effective
  • Make it uniquely and satisfactorily yours

Desirable website designs successfully combine the elements of art and business to simply and creatively give your site's visitors the incentive to buy, return, increase traffic, or whatever your goal is. The quicker your pages load and the easier they are to navigate, the more likely it is browsers will return. Our experience has been that our clients (many of which are in more rural areas) are more interested in displaying their products and services in an easy loading, attractive design than in entertaining their web visitors with slow loading Flash presentations or extravagent graphics.

Our goal is for you to have a site you are proud to show off!

With money being tight and businesses needing the best services possible at the lowest prices possible, Rachel Cherie Designs believes that an affordable and attractive website is a necessity that is available with us. Our web design specialty is static sites, but we have experience with dynamic and e-commerce websites as well. At Rachel Cherie Designs, we feel that building a website is a team effort. It takes input from both you and us to produce a website that has a design that is both of high quality and is satisfacorily reflective of you! Our end goal is for you to walk away with a designer website that you are proud to show off and hand out to family, friends, business associates, and/or customers.

Rachel Cherie Designs also welcomes customers interested in making a website of family, a showcase for a vacation, an ode for a pet, and so forth. Most likely this type of site would be a smaller project and require less funding. Templates may also be available, so please check out the rest of our site to discover what we have to meet your needs! At Rachel Cherie Designs, customer satisfaction through well-matched, creative web design is our mission.

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